10 Barcelona foods you just have to try. I would eat number 6 all day long, but number 9 is divine

Eating in Barcelona is a fantastic experience, with so many restaurants, bars, bakeries and colorful food markets. Typical Spanish or Catalan dishes will make you stop more than it’s really necessary to  the picturesque tables set on the street sides. Food market will become an attraction of your trips and you’ll find yourself immerse into an universe of fresh Mediterranean vegetables, exotic fruits and fresh sea foods. Some of the most tasteful mushrooms  you will ever have are the secret ingredient of many recipes.

Spanish cuisine has nothing to envy  to the more famous French or Italian ones. It combines the freshens of Mediterranean diet with exotic flavors and ingredients. Barcelona adds the strong and unforgettable flavors of the Catalan proud dishes.

1. Tapas

Tapas. Eat tapas in Barcelona

credit to jeremiahblatz.com

2. Churros

Churros and Chocolate in Barcelona

credit to perfecttravelblog.com

 3. Bocadillos (Barcelona sandwich)

Bocadillo in Barcelona

credit to glutenfreebcn.wordpress.com

4. Tortilla

Eat Tortilla in Barcelona

credit to FabianPerezRego

5. Paella

Eat paella in barcelona

credit to Niklas Pivic

6. Ice Cream

Eat Ice Cream in Barcelona

credit to shbarcelona.com

7. Butifarra (Barcelona traditional sausage)

Eat butifarra in Barcelona

credit to perfectchew.blogspot

8. Kebab

Eat doner kebab in Barcelona

credit to FoodSpotting

9. Bolets (Mushrooms)

Barcelona Bolets. The best mushrooms

credit to mpellegr 

10. Chocolate

Barcelona chocolate market

credit to elsua 


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