How to find your GPS location on Android without internet. This can save your life!

There are moments when you have to find your exact location

Android comes by default with Google Map installed so you can find places and orientate yourself pretty easy. You can spot yourself on a map and find your coordinates in case you are lost. The only problem is that Android Map will require internet connection to work. There is also the possibility to have the map of the area saved, but sometimes you just need to find your position in the middle of nowhere with no cache to help. There are a number of apps doing the job of tracking and sharing location, but you need to install one of them first.

What can you do if you have no special app and no connectivity? This can be a serious situation, maybe you are completely lost in a mountain, or you had an accident in a remote place. Sometimes is crucial to find your coordinates and send them by SMS to someone else.

How to find your exact position with zero internet connectivity

1. Go to an open space. The GPS of your phone needs to find a number of satellites in order to work.

2. Open your camera

3. Open the settings of the camera and go to Geotagging

4. Set Geotagging ON

5. Take a picture

6. Open the picture, go to picture Details an you will be able to see your location.

Now you know your position and you can send it by SMS.

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