How to find and share your GPS location on iPhone and Android (video)

I can imagine a number of situations where you want to share your location with friends. Maybe you want to meet each-other in an unknown place, or you just want to tell someone about a great restaurant you just found. But there are much more serious times when you really need to send your GPS coordinates.  You can be lost in the mountains, or having an accident on a deserted road, far from civilization. In this type of situations being able to communicate your accurate position can make the difference between life and dead. This is why is recommended to have a proper app on your phone that can track you and send the information to selected people.

Note: If you are on Android and have no internet connectivity and no dedicated app on your phone you can still find the exact location by using this trick

1. Share your location using Google Maps is a simple few steps process. You need to locate yourself on the map, tap on the blue arrow that indicates your position and a  “My Location” tab will be displayed. You have to tap this tab and then select “send my location to others”. A window with sharing options will pop up and you’ll be able to send your coordinates by SMS, email, Facebook, Google+ and other social networks you have on your phone. The message will include the time it was created, address and a link to your position on the map.

You will need internet connection for this to work. It may also work offline if the map of the area is saved in the cache.

2.  Glympse (Android and iPhone) is among the most popular sharing location applications. It lets you to report your exact position via SMS, Facebook or Twitter. You can specify an amount of time in which selected friends are able to track you on a map. Recipients will receive a link to a map with your real time location  that will be active for the limited time you selected. This app is easy and fun, being helpful in variety of situations..

Here is an video tutorial about how to use Glympse on your phone

3. Share my position (Android only) does exactly what it says in a simple and intuitive manner. It finds your coordinates after which you simply send them via SMS or a social network of your choice. The message is a link to a Google map with your exact position. It doesn’t need a internet connection to work.

Share my position Android2012-11-16-14

4. SOS My location (Android and iPhone) is particular useful in en emergency situation. It can do a few important things like tracking your coordinates and send them to a selected emergency contact list. You can also send a small 7 seconds clip as an Email attachment.

Here is a video showing the way this app works on an iPhone. The experience is similar for Android devices

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