Looking for food? FoodSpotting or Forsquare – the ultimate app fight


You’re out there, into the wilderness of a big city, moving on the crowded and unknown streets together with thousands of strangers. You are a tourist, but most of all, you are hungry. The terrible instinct that lies deep into your genes guides you like it did with your ancestors since the beginning of time. You’re hunting for a meal. You do what man always did, grab your weapons and look for the best place where you can eat.

Only that today things are a little bit different than they used to be. You won’t need a sling, or an arch, not even a musket or a rifle, you don’t have to set traps, you just need your phone. Your phone and an app. Not just some app, but the very best app that will guide you to the next perfect lunch.

the question is, what is the best app to find where you can eat?

There are many apps out there and would be impossible to cover them all, so I decided to stick with the very best two:

1. Foursquare (Android and iPhone)

2. FoodSpotting (Android and iPhone)

They are both based on large community of users, but they embrace different approach. Foursquare is about places and FoodSpotting is about dishes. Eventually they will both use their community driven


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