Istanbul ten secret foods that locals love and you have to try (with pictures) plus one app to discover more

Istanbul food is an experience you will never forget, with fresh ingredients and exotic aromas that will make you want to try more and more, again and again. Is kind of addicted, to be honest. This will not come as a surprise if you know a few things about the Turkish history. For centuries the Ottoman empire dominated an important part of Asia and Europe controlling the profitable spicy routes and commerce. Actually, the biggest covered market of that times is located in the middle of the city being a major tourist attraction. The Grand Bazar was back then like an immense mall where products from Orient were sold to European merchants, enriching the local economy and also transforming the culinary habits.

One particular aspect of the food scene in Istanbul is the way will hunt you with it’s smells and aromas every where you’ll go. Street food here is explosive, always present and irresistible. From the most simple simits  to fish sandwiches, tasteful kebabs or falafels, all can be bought right on the spot, in every moment of the day.

Do you like ice cream? If you do, Turkish ice cream  will be a daily treat that can’t be missed. If you don’t, you will start to, I promise.

And the coffee, the coffee has a taste and aroma that is nowhere to be found. It is actually part in the UNESCO heritage, and for a good reason.

But not all the good food is easily founded. Some of the best dishes are hidden away from the tourist eyes and known only to locals. Isn’t this the case in every big city? Istanbul makes no exception and if you really want  to discover the best foods it has to offer you need serious insider tips.

FoodSpotting app (Android and iTunes) has an active community in Istanbul and will come in handy to find really good hidden away places where to eat like a local. Here you have just a small selection of the best treats to put on your “not to miss” list. Enjoy!

1. Kokorek

Try this delicious kokorek at Mercan Kokoreç

Kokorek in Istanbul

2. Menemen

Good food from Lades

Menemen in Istanbul

3. Gorali

Delicious sandwici from Goralı

Gorali in Istanbul

4. Falafel

One of the best falafel in Istanbul Falafel House

Falafel in Istanbul


5. Fish Wrap (Balık dürüm)

a great taste from Furreyya Galata Balikcisi

Fish Wrap in Istanbul

6. Bal Kaymak

Try this delicious sweet from Pando Cafe

Bal Kaymak from Pando Cafe in Istanbul

7. Lahmacun

Don’t miss this great Turkish pizza from Halil Lahmacun

Best Lahmacun in Istanbul

8. Kanat

Chicken Wings from Bibucuk

Kanat in Istanbul

9. Et Donner

Great Donner Kebab at Dönerci Ali Usta

Donner Kebab in Istanbul

10. Turkish Coffee

Strong coffee at Ttnet Genel Müdürlük

Turkish Coffee in Instanbul

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